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Boost your game with the COOLSHOT 20 GIII

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The Nikon Coolshot 20 GIII laser rangefinder offers an impressive range of 5 to 730 yards, ensuring precise measurements to assess the distance between you and various elements such as flagsticks, hazards or mounds on the golf course. It also offers the possibility of measuring distances in yards or meters, thus adapting to the individual preferences of each golfer.

Featuring Locked-On Quake technology and Nearest Target Priority mode, this rangefinder helps determine the distance to the flag even in difficult situations where the view is partially obstructed by a tree or thicket behind. plan. Once the target is in the viewfinder, the housing vibrates to confirm that it is locked on, displaying the distance to the nearest object. This allows you to quickly obtain the distance to a nearby hazard, a more distant flag on the green, or vegetation in the background.

By allowing precise distance estimation, the Coolshot 20 GIII helps golfers improve their playing strategy and adjust their shots accordingly. Despite its compactness, barely larger than a smartphone, it can be used with prescription glasses thanks to its diopter adjustment, thus offering an optimized display for each user. Additionally, its light rain-resistant design and multi-coated 6x monocular lens ensure crisp, clear vision, essential for accuracy and confidence on the golf course.

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