You have 5 chances to win one or more prizes, at each competition: 

  1. At the putting contest, before the start on the putting green
  2. In the distance contest (only counted on the fairway)
  3. In the accuracy contest, closest to the hole on a par 3 of about 135 meters
  4. In the hole-in-one competition, on the same par 3 as the accuracy competition
  5. To the competition score

Scores are counted over 6 mixed rounds, gross on the first two rounds and net on the other four rounds. The 3 best scores of each series receive a prize. The first of each competition receives a prize as well. A special prize, of significant value, is offered for the first place winner of the hole-in-one.

Statistics on your play during the competition are available in your user area to help you identify and improve your performance.

Scoring on 6 index categories is necessary to maximize your chances of winning in your category. A minimum of 10 players is required to keep score in a category. If the number of participants is less than 10 in a category, it is automatically merged with the higher category.

A dedicated mobile application is provided to record your score hole by hole during the competition, and to know your position in relation to the other players. This solution is compatible with the current health context, no exchange of physical scorecards between participants.



At each competition, a putting contest is organized. The best score is rewarded with a prize.


The longest putt, counted only on the fairway, is rewarded with a prize. The hole chosen for this competition will be announced at the start of the competition by the starter.


On a par 3, the aim is to stop the ball as close as possible to the hole, in a single shot from the same start for all participants (135 meters from the hole maximum). The closest to the hole is rewarded with a prize. 


At the same time and on the same par 3 as the accuracy contest, if your ball finishes its trajectory directly into the hole in one shot from the tee, a prize of significant value is offered to the first winner only (only one prize is offered per competition).

If there is a tie in a competition, the value of the prizes is shared between the winners in the final round (no playoff).


Prizes are awarded in the form of vouchers directly on your customer area after the competition. The vouchers you receive have values that vary according to your results during the competition, these values are communicated a few days before the competition.

Your vouchers allow you to order products or services from our partners on our online marketplace.

Thanks to this alternative solution for awarding prizes, it is no longer necessary to wait until the end of the competition to receive your prize in person.

All competition winners receive their prize in their customer area.

Vouchers won during the season can be accumulated for future use.


The results of the competition are available on your customer area and on the website of the French Golf Federation, a few days after the competition.