TAYLOR MADE Response Stripe Tour - 12 Balls

VAT included

The first tower quality ball with an advanced alignment system.

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Every tour pro swears by urethane golf balls, it's the industry standard. There are many tour level balls that are too expensive for golfers. But what about those who want more performance for less?

That's why we created the Tour Response Stripe. To give you Tour-level performance without the Tour price tag.

More spin for less money.

Stripe Alignment System

360° ClearPath Alignment™ was designed with the golfer in mind. This visible, next-generation Tour Response Stripe ™ technology wraps around the center of the golf ball to help you aim better, faster and more consistently, while providing immediate feedback on the quality of your roll. A lemon yellow finish offers improved visibility.

100% Urethane Shell

Every golf ball used on Tour has a urethane shell, designed for superior feel and increased spin around the greens. Now, we offer these same performance standards at a price that appeals to all golfers.

Dimple Pattern

The Tour Flight Dimple pattern unlocks top-level aerodynamics while promoting maximum travel distances. This Tour-proven technology, found in the TP5/TP5x, has been added to the Tour Response for the first time.

Advanced Speed

The Tour Response Stripe's 3-piece construction was designed to maximize energy transfer and produce fast ball speeds. A new SpeedMantle ™ with HFM surrounds the low-compression core, helping the ball explode from the face at impact.

  • - 100% Urethane shell
  • - 360 Stripe Alignment System
  • - Speed Mantl TechnologyA firmer second layer surrounds the soft inner core and allows for explosive energy transfer and increased ball speed
  • - Better, softer feel with ultra-low compression 4
  • - 3-piece design
  • - Better shear strength and durability.

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