Srixon Soft Feel Lady - 12 Balls

VAT included

The SRIXON Soft Feel Lady golf ball is the softest 2-piece ball.

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The new 10th generation SRIXON AD333 balls will improve your game even more than the last time. The new AD333 features the same technology found in the Z-Star series of golf balls, validated by professional golfers, but it's a two-piece, ionomer construction that provides excellent performance and value.

The new FastLayer core has a lower compression ratio to produce a straighter, longer ball flight, especially for players with average swing speeds. Combining this FastLayer core with the 338 Speed Dimple Pattern, a 338 dimple pattern designed for speed, results in significant distance gains.

In addition, the tenth generation of AD333 golf balls offer unprecedented spin performance around the greens. The unique SeRM (Slide-Ring Material) Spin Skin on these balls digs deep into the grooves of wedges and irons, dramatically increasing friction and maximizing spin to produce more stopping power on every shot.

FastLayer Core

The FastLayer Core provides exceptional feel and ball speed. The new sixth generation Fastlayer, which has a lower compression ratio, produces better ball flight, especially with low loft clubs.

SeRM Spin Skin

A flexible molecularly bonded skin that penetrates deep into the grooves to maximize spin for better control and stopping power.

Enhanced ALignment

Align with confidence with the new enhanced alignment line.

338 Speed Dimple Pattern: This unique 338 speed dimple pattern reduces drag and produces a more penetrating ball flight, improving distance and accuracy.

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